New Gizmos

Happy with two pieces of gear that have made an instant impact on improving my photography.

  1. Lightdow 12 x 12 Inch (30 x 30 cm) White Balance 18% Gray Reference Reflector Grey Card with Carry Bag
  2. Sekonic L-308S 401-309 Flashmate Light Meter Digital (Black)

The Gray Card gives me a great reference for the white balance of a shoot. Just use the eye dropper thingy in Lightroom to get your neutral reference and the temperature is set perfectly! and the Light Meter gives me the precise numbers to dial into the ol' D7100 for a good start to set for a great exposure.



Today I filed the business certificate DOING BUSINESS AS "Bast Productions" with the Kings County Clerks Office. This is the next in many steps to legitimize myself and to be able to accept paying customers.

Next Steps

I am starting to move towards learning portraiture. I have always been capturing moments or events with available light. I have not worked with controlling my environment or model before. This is new territory for me. I look forward to the challenges and new inspiration.